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Ugh. What do I want to do? With all the possibilities I’m finding myself hesitating to make a big step back into the Dilbert world of Corporate America.

I’d like to work for myself full-time, but since there is so much competition in the areas that I am pursuing I might not be able to make that work for me and so I have to be ready with a secondary option. 

My resume has been tweaked so that it now contains my skills that are in careers that I would like: Internet Marketing, Events Coordinator, Executive Marketing for Hotel Events, and Web Design. But… I am just not sure I want to be interviewed for a job just yet. I’d rather just take some more time off and make sure that where I am headed next is where I want to be. Or… should I just take anything for now as long as it pays the bills? 

If you were suddenly laid off from your job and you had a plethora of marketable skills, what would you do?

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