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Thank God It’s Not a Herpetic Lesion

This morning I woke up with an itchy and burning eye. I scratched it and the pain increased. 

My lips were dry and itchy too and they felt puffy. I licked them and I felt something that felt like a blister. 

I got up and looked in the mirror at my lip and I thought I had a fever blister. “What?” I thought. Fever blisters are a form of herpes and that is just not a possibility with me. 

After closer inspection of my face I noticed small red bumps near my ear and on my cheek. Then I noticed my eye and saw that it was swollen. Then after further bodily inspection I noticed a rash on my stomach. All of this started to feel itchy and I realized, because I have had it many times before, that I have poison ivy. Whew. So glad it wasn’t herpes that I didn’t even mind the poison ivy.

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