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Projects, Projects, Projects

I’m using my sister’s laptop to write this posted note entry. I’m currently trapped in my house waiting for UPS to deliver my new MacBook Pro. I got a phone call yesterday that said, “Your delivery will arrive between 8am and 7pm. Yeah, an 11 hour window! So I am afraid to leave because I have to sign for my package and people I need that computer so I can start my life! I want to work on web projects and call clients but I’d really like to have something to work on before I start making commitments!

Other projects that I am working on:

  • Texturing guest bedroom
  • Painting Master Bedroom
  • Painting a triptic painting for the dining room
  • Working on
  • Working on
  • Finish painting the garage
  • Finding an agent and working on my book – no, it’s not the “Marry Me” book.
  • Working on the Marry Me book cover and adding illustrations to it.

So those projects are in the works, but yesterday I got a business account setup for the DJ business – as well as the car decals ordered for the back window of the Honda Pilot.

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