Kentucky Fried Eddeaux

I’m in Kentucky right now visiting the Bruner’s and we have been having a great time. Some things to note about Kentucky:

There aren’t any super highways – none that I’ve seen anyway. Every road, even “Major” roads feel like “The back way” or “the scenic route”. It’s very pretty here with lots of horses and rolling hills, but I prefer the flat land of Texas and the 6 lane highways with everyone driving at least 75 miles per hour.

Joe, my best friend who recently moved here from Waco, seems to have no problem with the roads and prefers to drive like he is in the Kentucky Derby even though the bridges are often one lane.

Other favorite items are the homemade ice cream store Brusters where one single dip is about the size of my head and Main and Maple, a coffee shop that serves some of the best grilled sandwiches and has the most calming atmosphere. i could probably stay there all day and be quite content feasting on Southwest Chicken Ciabatta sandwiches and hot grasshopper mocha’s with plenty of whipped topping.

Tonight we are supposed to hit up Joe Bologna’s and have some really good pizza. We’ll see how that holds up to my incredibly high food standards. You know me, I won’t eat it unless it is… edible.

Tomorrow we plan to hit up the Louisville Slugger museum and a few other local touristy spots and then it’s back home to Big P – Plano.

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