The Manly Manual VII


Manly Men only need 3 things, food, the love of a good woman, and hobbies. There isn’t a hierarchy here either, they are all intimately intertwined with one another and when one area is lacking then the whole system starts to fall apart.

Hobbies are essential for men. When God was making man in his own image, he made little men that would obsess about putting together airplanes, playing video games, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and karate. When he saw all of us spending countless hours, sometimes ridiculous amounts of time watching football, he saw that it was good.

When God saw that Adam was having to fix his own snacks he made woman as a help mate for us. In Genisis it says, “And God created Eve with a special ability to fix a plate of Nachos and to refill a beverage so Adam didn’t have to get up from his hammock.”

So if you are a manly man, don’t worry about spending too much money on that over-sized television or that deer lease. Don’t get all worked up when you can’t pull yourself away from an all day game of Ultimate Frisbee, instead, embrace your inner manliness and tell your “Eve” to get you another sandwich because you are just being who God made you to be!

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