Secrets and Dreams

“Why didn’t he tell anyone?”

 “I didn’t know she was hurting.”

“I wish they would have told me!”

People who are hurting often shoulder that pain alone. They are afraid to share or too independent or prideful to ask for help. 

I’ve been on the hurting end and sometimes the people in your life are the ones that you want to shield from the truth or from bearing the burden. They think they can help, but they can’t. Some journey’s are meant to be taken alone and some secrets should stay secrets forever just as some dreams should never come true. We don’t all get to be equal, some people will have children that they abort while some men will hold their barrends wives and comfort them throught he pain. Some of us will run while others can only walk.

There are times in life when you are going to be challenged, hurting, lonely – but this is not a time for despair or self-pity. The world is a cruel place filled with harsh realities and each of us must learn to face those realities in our own way.

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