The Manly Manual – Part IV

When it comes to cooking there is only one thing you need to know: Put it on the grill. Everything can be cooked on the grill 365 days a year and it tastes better that way. Save the baking and casseroles for the ladies and their Mary Kay and Pampered Chef parties. Manly men stick to foods like steak and bratwurst. Until you are married these are pretty much the only things you need to eat anyway.

Also, and this is a bonus note only because we are talking about food: There is no man, manly or not, that knows how to tear Saran Wrap. That stuff was created specifically to turn those of us hopped up on too much testosterone into homicidal maniacs. We suggest not eveny buying the stuff and for that matter, there is really no need, just eat all of the food you make, even when you’ve made what you think is too much, trust us, if you eat through the pain it will all go down.

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