The Manly Manual – Continued

Manly men enjoy competition in every area of life. Who can eat the most enchiladas, who can jump highest, who is the strongest, who has the biggest… everything. You will not win at all of these competitions and if you are in need of this manual then you will most likely lose many of them, but what is important is participating in them. Never back down froma challenge no matter how idiotic.

Once I worked for Boeing Defense and Space in Corinth and there were these tall tables that we used to build cables on. They met me right about where my belly button is and at 6′ 5″ that is a pretty tall table. JD, one of my manly teammates on an all-male team, could stand flat-footed and easily jump up on the table. Others tried and failed and for a long time I resisted the urge to partake in this boneheadery until at last I gave in. I stood flat-footed and launched myself into the air just high enough to get my toes on the table – then I lost my balance and started pinwheeling my arms wildly to maintain balance. Everything was happening in slow motion, even my fall seemed to take forever. I hit the floor hard barely missing a metal ledge that surely would have cracked my skull, but in the end I was a hero just for trying and FAILING miserably. That is one thing that all men have in common, the love of a good failure. But that is a whole other chapter.

For now, focus on what you are good at and then the next time you are with a group of males, let the games begin!

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