Um, No Thanks on the 4 Calling birds, the 3 french hens or the two turtle doves… and go ahead and axe that partridge in a pear tree.

I haven’t updated much here recently because everytime I start to type something it comes out boring. My words seem like I am giving bullet points of my life or reciting a recipe for something that no one wants to eat and so instead of hitting publish and bogging down the blogosphere with more inane babble, I’ve taken the high road and not published anything at all.

Recently, I’ve found that my creative efforts have been expended doing side projects and updating my status on Facebook. How easy it is to whip up one liners that all 400+ of my friends are forced to see as opposed to coming up with something witty and titillating on my website.

What is more, it’s the holidays and everyone is busy bustling about buying gifts and having parties. Personally I’m having a big Christmas party at my casa on the 13th with nostalgic mexican food catered by a friend who used to do our “Coit St. Christmas” parties. I’ve also been decorating the house with lights and Christmas paraphernalia and when I’m not doing that I’m planning this huge New Year’s Party in Plano: . The rental on this place is over $3,000 and so I’m having to do a serious bit of marketing to make sure we break even.

On Christmas day I am flying to Kentucky to visit my best friend Joe and between now and then I’m turning 33 while my nephew turns 3 and so we’ll be celebrating both of our birthday’s together at Chuck E. Cheese. This year, I won’t even be bitter that he is stealing my spotlight. I don’t even really care about my birthday anymore, there is so much going on around the holidays that I think every party is for me, Hanakuh is for me. Kwanza is for me. Yule Tide is for me. So yes, we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, but it’s like those office parties you have at work where you pick one day of the month and celebrate it for everyone’s birthday. Okay, not really, but sort of.

So what’s on your plate this Christmas?

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