Pumpkin Blow

No, it’s not pumpkin flavored cocaine, I know that is what some of you were thinking, it is an annual event put on by Scuba and Erica Stauver that involved pumpkins, fireworks, a catapult, a huge blowtorch and a lot of fun.

Last night was my first time to make it to the event, but I have to admit it exceeded my expectations. At first Jeff Hewitt and another guy named Jeff were setting paper on fire to see if it would float and I thought, “Did I really come out here to see paper burn?” I made a comment that this was sure to be “Let Down 2008”. But in the end I was proven wrong.

The problem with a Pumpkin Blow is that timing is critical and sometimes you have to deal with mechanics that do not functioin properly. More than once the pumpkins exploded close the the ground and pumpkin pieces and fireworks were flying near my face. I used a folding chair to shield my body from the shrapnel and decided that this year I wasn’t going to be burned by a prematurely exploding firework – something that happened to me once at Nathan Allison’s house. Burn me once, shame on you, burn my twice and shame on me.

So yeah, it’s a fun thing to try if you’ve never done it before, blow up some pumpkins… this year on the 4th of July I want to blow up watermelons!

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