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A Redesign of if Obama Wins

Andy Rutledge redesigns the website for and I think he makes his point very clear. He also mentions on his site that many people that are not U.S. Citizens love Obama and that many of them are from communist and socialist countries. See his comments below after people called him a few unpleasant names.

(As an aside, I note that the two articulate chaps cited above are both from the UK. Britain’s finest, no doubt. In fact, the vast majority of the vulgar and vitriolic responses I saw to my Redux piece came from UK designers. As to whether or not this is indicative of what Socialism does to the populace, I’ll leave for others to determine. But what is certain is that all non-US citizens should stay the hell out of my country’s democratic processes. If nothing else, the fact that legions of Socialists and Communists around the world seem to simply adore Barack Obama is reason enough to doubt the quality of the man, and seems to provide philosophical counterpoint to the criticism offered me.)

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