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River God

I just finished my latest Wilbur Smith novel – River God. 

At the end of the book there is an author’s note that this book was based on a true account of the slave Taita that lived in Egypt during 1780 b.c. No other author has ever moved me to such depths or taught me so much. When I finish reading something by WIlbur Smith I feel like I have learned in a few hours what some people never learn or understand in a lifetime. 

What I learned most in this book is how to be a servant and to find true happiness in the selfless service of others. When we love people we serve them without restraint or regard for self. Our motives are pure when we seek only the happiness of others. 

I hope to be more like the slave Taita who although he was treated so cruelly by his masters never lost his ability to find compassion and love even for his greatest enemies.

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