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Years of Stupidity

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and bought regular groceries. Chips, bread, milk, ingredients for spaghetti and chicken fried rice. I spent 34 dollars on about 15 meals worth of food.  I came home and whipped up a big batch of excellent spaghetti and then put it into individual containers so I could eat it the rest of the week.

So a little history here on why this is important…

For years I haven’t been buying groceries to eat at home because when I go to the grocery store I always buy healthy food and that is expensive and a good portion of the time it rots before I get a chance to eat it. However, I have no problem eating junk food when I am eating out. I love a good Burrito Ultima from Taco Cabana or a plate of chicken fried rice from the local Jade Palace. It’s quick and easy and I enjoy the convenience of eating out, however, we all know eating out gets very expensive. I started adding up my eating out budget and I realized that I spend a minimum of 1000 dollars a month on food and entertainment! Ugh. After I pay all my bills I have 2,000 dollars left over and I spend 1000-1,500 on playing. The rest goes to random expenses that come up, new underwear, a trip to visit friends, home repairs and decorations. I am literally eating and playing myself out of a future.

I enjoy eating at home when the food is good and so I decided that I would save money if I just made the foods I love at the house instead of allowing myself to eat them when I am out and in a hurry.

It’s weird to come to this conclusion after all these years. I mean I am pretty much the same now as I was 5 years ago. I seem to stay about the same weight, however, I also keep spending the same amount of money eating out. Well, yesterday that changed.

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