Strongest I’ve Ever Been

The Desperado tryouts are only 26 days away now and for those of you who were confused, I am trying out to play Football for them, not to dance for them.

The Dallas Desperados are an Arena football team and they play at the American Airlines Center – so it won’t be my first time to perform there, it will just be a totally different kind of performance.

Lately I’ve been doing a great deal of praying because I keep breaking my body down and then rebuilding it and the pain, the good kind as well as the bad, need something stronger than Advil – they need a miracle.

I’m bench pressing 315 now the way I used to bench press 275. I can do shoulder presses with 90 pound dumbells 8 times despite the fact that my shoulders have always been weak due to a dislocation in high school.

My endurance is decent and I still need to lose about 20 pounds, but I’m not stressing too much about it. Stress is really counterproductive to all things physical and so I’m really taking it easy, getting lots of rest, saying no to hanging out with friends and taking care of my school work and stuff early instead of waiting until the last minute.

This week I’ll be focusing on my speed. Lots of running. Better eating. Cooking at home. Going to bed early. 26 days and my life could change forever or it could stay the same, either way it will be fun trying!

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