Feeding the Hungry AND Crackheads…

Dooce posted this question on her site and most people said they would feed both.

Indulge me for a second and consider this scenario: let’s say you’re given the opportunity to donate some money to a desperate family who would use it to feed their children, but were only able to do so if you donated the same amount of money to someone you knew would use it to buy crack. Would you do it?

I responded with the comment below and right after that I saw a comment that someone posted right after me and I wanted to shout “Amen!”

  • 579. Eddeaux said:

    Isn’t there a way to make sure that the people that need food actually get food and not drugs? Isn’t that what food stamps are for? Or government cheese?

    Instead of throwing up our hands and saying, “Well, I have to supply both their needs” there should be a way that we can provide programs that solve the problem, not just treat the symptoms.

  • 580. D said:

    Before I answer- let me tell you this. My mom was a crackhead welfare recipient with 5 kids who later entered into the foster care system. After college I worked in the non-profit sector(feeding the crackhead’s children) and as a lobbyist. My answer is : HELL NO!

    If the hungry worked half as hard to get food as the crackhead did whoring themselves out to get crack we might all be in better shape. If people are just handed things in life, there is no incentive to make things better.

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