The Pie Hole

I love Pushing Daisies, that show about the guy who can touch people and bring them back to life, yeah, that one.

What I really like about the show is that the star of the show owns a pie shop called The Pie Hole. It’s this great little shop nestled at the bottom of a high rise and is very creatively crafted and cool.

I want to own a pie shop of my own. I want to sell gourmet slices of pie and coffee in an upscale environment that makes women want to come with their girlfriends and men will get pies to-go to take to their wives and girlfriends.

During the holidays I’ll have to hire extra staff to help me bake all of the pies and none of them will just be plain ol’ pies like Pecan, but they’ll be pies with names like “Change Your Life Pecan Pie” or “Oops I Crapped My Pants That Was So Good Fudge Pie”.

There would also be lots of vanilla ice cream and a syrup bar where you could add your own hot caramel, marshmallow, or chocolate.

On the weekends we would have live bands that dressed in 50’s clothing, poodle skirts, leather jackets, etc. One night a month we may have karaoke, but you could only sing classic diner songs.

I’d probably love getting it off the ground and it would be wonderful for the first few weeks, however, it would have to be really great or else I would get bored with it like I do with so many things in my life.

The best thing though about me is that when I do love something, truly love it, then I never get tired of it. Ever. Like German Chocolate Cake, Dr. Pepper, Cody Miller, Laughter, Great Music, Chinese Food, Best Friends…

So be sure to watch Pushing Daisies on Wednesday’s and maybe one day you will come and visit me at Shut Your Pie Hole.

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