There is a difference between Drama and Passion… isn’t there?

A recent email conversation between myself and a coworker regarding this graphic design. Work Project

Eddo, Can we make the NEI on the logo a bit bigger so it’s the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you look at the page? My response…


And then a followup email that said…   

About the “No”

Insert music here and turn back time.  

Imagine ladies, getting ready for prom, trying 20 different hairstyles, trying on dress after dress after dress. Then, you finally find the right hairdresslipstick combination and you feel like a million bucks. Your date arrives with the corsage and just when he is about to slip it on your arm he says, “Do you think you could make your hair a little bigger?” It’s like you can feel the click, click, click of the Wheel of Fortune wheel landing on BANKRUPT. The entire audience sighs.

He didn’t take the time to tell you how great the outfit looked or realize that you spent HOURS if not days of your life working on your “look”, he just made a suggestion on how to improve it not even realizing that you had already tried it BIGGER and it looked hideous.

Each one of my designs that people see has normally gone through 20 iterations before a final is sent out. I’ve tried at least 20 different fonts, various sizes, colors, shapes, images and all of those items must flow together, look appealing, fit the SharePoint design and make everyone happy.

Sooo… I’ll put the soapbox away for now, just remember that when you ask me to change my design it’s like asking me to make my babies brown eyes blue and I happen to love them brown.  You don’t mess with the babies… baby. 




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