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Celebrity Couples

John, Jackson and Alison

Look at John’s family, it makes me want to punch him in the mouf for being so lucky.


The Arquette’s aren’t nearly as pretty as John and Alison pictured above, but I’ve always had a crush on Monica from Friends – even though in this picture she looks a little mousy.


Okay, Dean and Tori are a beautiful couple. Tori never looked so good. I loved 90210, Kelly and Donna and the Peach Pit.


Hey, It’s Bill and Hillary Clinton… Couldn’t you just picture Hillary in a bathing suit by the beach reading a book in the Hamptons? It’d be one of those 1950’s bathing suits but bill would be wearing a speedo and surreptitiously checking out other women not realizing that Hillary has it all, brains and looks.

Mcain Wedding

Guess Who… it’s Republican Presidential Candidate and his wife. Look at that bonnet she is wearing, it’s very demure and Little House on the Prarie – but I like it, who didn’t like Laura Ingalls?

 Governor Sarah Palin

And lastly, the beautiful Governor Palin who was Miss Wasilla a long time ago, whatever that means. This photo is from the beauty pageant. She’s what I’d call “A fresh-faced beauty”. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take this girl home to mama and then spend a lifetime with her?

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