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Pressed is better than Percolated


One morning while I was in Minnesota my buddy Eric made a big pot of coffee using a coffee press. I’ve never really understood why someone would use a coffee press or how it actually worked and so I asked him, “Hey, what’s so great about a coffee press?”

“The flavor in coffee is in the fat and when you use a filter it captures a lot of the fat and you lose some of the flavor.”

“How does the coffee press work?” I asked, further intrigued by his knowledge of coffee.

“Well, you just grind your beans, then you boil your water. Put the grounds in the press, add hot water and then press the grounds down to the bottom.”

It was such a simple process, plus it looked much cooler than a standard boring coffee pot.

Eric sells coffee at his little side business called Spunky Monkey Coffee and he has a blog where he states, “I have a small coffee roasting business that allows me to introduce people to regional coffees from around the world and shed light on the diversity of flavors within regional coffee.”

I like a good cup of coffee especially when shared with good friends who also enjoy quality food and beverages.

I don’t have a coffee press yet, but I plan on picking one up this Fall because I love coffee in the winter.  If you want to take a look at some nice ones check out Bodum’s selection.  


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