I’m Doing Gooood…

Just for the record.

Taking inventory of my life I started to realize how ballerific  it really is. I take trips to see friends out of state a few times a year. I have out of state friends. I have friends in Japan and Shanghai. I have awesome parents who love me and sisters that think I am the bees knees.

I’ve got bills, but I have a good job. I’ve got aches and pains, but I have ice packs and Advil. My hair is almost gone, but I look good without it. I’ve got a list of things that I don’t like about myself, but I have a much longer list of things that I do.

I have friends on the internet that leave me encouraging comments. I’m going to grad school and work is paying for it. I’m listening to the latest jams on iTunes, watching movies On Demand and most of all – I’ve got a great relationship with an awesome God.

Madonna may wear a shirt that says “Jesus is my Homeboy”, but he really is my homeboy and so much more.

My life is pretty fantastic. I’ve got my health and my family is healthy. I’m doing alright, I hope you are too.

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