Grad School

Would You, Could You, With a Goat?

Would You, Could You, In a boat?

I do not like Financial Accounting 101
I do not like it, it isn’t fun.

How about in a class, sitting on your big fat butt?

I do not like it in a class, or on my butt
I do not like it in a rut.

How about on a white board,
Sitting next to Christ our Lord?

Not next to Christ, not next to God
Not in a school, or a school of Cod.

I do not like Accounting 101
I do not like it, it isn’t fun.

Would you try it on the web?
Would you try it with Governor Jeb?

Not with Jeb or on the web
I will not try it, Ed just said.

How bout in a cat or a catamaran?
Or in a car with Uncle Sam?

Not in a cat, nor catamaran, or uncle Sam
Not even with a side of green eggs and ham?

How bout with an Indian Professor
Or maybe with the Barefoot Contessa?

Well maybe with the Barefoot Contessa,
And maybe with an Indian Professa.

It seems I do like Financial Accounting 101
It’s not so bad, it can be fun
I like the debits and credits too
I do like them and so would you!

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