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Sex. Every Day. For One Year.

I hadn’t heard of this book 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy until I bounced over to Edgy Mama’s site to see what she has been up to.  There she talked about some of the hate mail her latest article has received and after reading the well-written article I don’t see what the fuss is about. Who doesn’t want to read a book about a woman who gifted her husband sex every day for a year?

How many women do you know what would make this sacrifice? (If you are out there and single, please post a comment immediately and include your phone number.)

As someone who has worked a myriad of Love, Sex, Marriage conferences I must admit that when it comes to Christians and Sex there are a lot of unanswered questions. Even more, it seems that sex is  quite possibly the one thing that men and women have in common that is often misunderstood – a need for intimacy without the fear of rejection.

I’m not married so I can’t even begin to understand what happens between couples after the rings are placed on fingers and the “I Do’s” are uttered, however, it doesn’t take a Sex Therapist to tell you that when it comes to intimacy our world is f*$*K’d up – literally.

So you married people, this book seems to be a challenge to all of you out there to step it up and as the author of the book says repeatedly, “It’s not a book about sex, it’s a book about marriage.”

As far as “The Gift” is concerned, I am sure that while we’d all like to chuckle and jab, in the end it is obvious that all of us could probably learn a thing or two from Charla and Brad.

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