Tweets for 2008-08-12

  • Phelps is so awesome. All those swimmers look like they are attached to a motor! #
  • I have meetings back, to back, to back today… how am I supposed to get any real work done? #
  • I love intelligent humor. It’s a shame there’s so little of it. This is funny. #
  • Where should I go for lunch? I live in Plano where there are 845 places to eat and none of them sound good. I want a good burger… #
  • I actually do need handlebars to ride my bike… and I like the occasional metronome to keep rhythm. Those Flobots are such braggerts! #
  • This rash is coming back on my left arm. Ugh! What is the dealio???? #
  • Taco Delite: the non-Mexican’s Mexican food. #

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