Dinner with Friends

Plates were piled high with apple cider brined pork chops and pineapple peppercorn glazed chicken. I whipped up sides of mashed potatoes, corn, fried okra and then topped off the gluttony with Parker House rolls.

We ate for the first time in my formal dining room and I was delighted with how much food was devoured. With three girls at the table sometimes you don’t get the desired result. When I cook, I want people to gorge themselves and to tell me it is delicious. This group did not disappoint.

With the myriad of parties that I have thrown I’ve finally realized that you have to be sure and plan correctly for your evening. The last few meals I’ve cooked for friends fell a little flat as I over planned and under executed. When it comes to cooking it’s best to keep things simple. Mashed potatoes are always a hit and people can fill up on them if they don’t like anything else. Add in the fact that they are cheap and you have a double winner. Fried okra is also easy and it’s not something people get to eat every day. If you order it out then you are most likely at a fast food joint like Grandy’s or Golden Chick and let’s be honest – they don’t have the best fried okra – or the best fried anything.

For dessert one of the wives whipped up an excellent banana pudding and we all saved room for that.

What I enjoyed most about the evening was the simple conversation and spending time with my friends. I made a home made strawberry lemonade from fresh blended strawberries and Chick-fil-A’s lemonade it was a great beginning and ending to our evening.

Whenever you are in the Plano area be sure and let me know and i will be sure to have you over for dinner.

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