“The Feel Good Memoir of the Year…”

When I put all of these stories together that I am writing about my life, I hope that it is an uplifting and inspiring tale – not one that sends people into depression.

My life has been crazy, but everyone has their story, some are just more dramatic than others.

What I do want to emphasize is that so far I have written snippets of my life and although there have been times my parents have made mistakes, they are two of the most awesome, giving, selfless people on the planet. Each of them could write a story about their childhood and it would make my life seem like a trip to Disney Land with endless amounts of money and a bottomless ice cream cone.

In life we all face challenges, what matters is how we face them. I hope to never sound like I am trashing my parents, friends, or family, but instead, showing you that sometimes the hard times are what shape us the most and I happen to really like who I’ve become and so there are very few things that I would change about the last 32 years.

Also, if anyone is a writer and knows of a good agent, please pass their name along.

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