Brush… and a lot of barrels…

I did my first paying job for Brush and Barrel last week. A living room, kitchen, dining room, hallway and bathroom – in 2 days. With 10 foot ceilings and a myriad of fancy moldings I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off, but I did. On top of that, I had to created 2 straight line breaks using a chalk line and that isn’t something I’ve ever done by myself. I’ve watched my dad do it, but I’d never done it before and so to pull that feat off without a hitch was quite rewarding.

At the end of the day my shoulders and body ached from the repetitive motion of rolling paint and using a brush. However, I enjoyed myself immensely.  It was so nice to be doing manual labor and seeing immediate results for my hard work. My full-time job doesn’t always work out that way. I work hard and sometimes the work I do just gets scrapped or when it is approved, it isn’t very rewarding. I find that painting is quite rewarding and I think that if I keep practicing then this might be what I do full time one day. I could hire a few people, purchase a big sprayer or two and then we’d be in business. The best part is that i can use my own house right now to continue trying out new things. Faux finishes, various textures, etc. I have some friends that paid a fortune to have their ceilings re-textured. It looked great, but it cost $4000. If people are paying that kind of money and getting the job done in a week then i may need to rethink my career goals.

So that is why you didn’t get a real post the last 4 days. I was working up a storm, getting things painted and then getting things done at my house. Cutting down tree limbs, painting some more in the garage and cleaning up the house.

Hope your weekend was great!

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