I’m not going to spend my life worrying about color…

Growing up I often hid my ethnicity. I told people I was Samoan or just Native American, I rarely told them I was multiracial. Part of my fear came from overhearing racists comments about African Americans – comments that came from the mouths of people I respected – Coaches, Deacons, adults.

How horrible it is to live in fear of hatred because of something that you had no control over.

What prompted this post is the fact that right now we have two men running for President and one of them is black. I think it is great to see progress in America and how race has become less of an issue, it’s still an issue, but it’s less of one. However, what if we allowed people to run for president under false names and fake identities? What if we didn’t know if they were male or female, white or black and we only had the ability to judge them based on their qualifications? We could use technology to generate holographic images and fake voices for candidates and then they could have live debates.

My whole life I’ve heard people talk about people based on their color – I don’t worry so much about color, I focus instead on behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and how individuals treat each other. I’d like to see the rest of the world doing the same.

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