Brush and Barrel

Do you need your house painted? Do you live in Plano? Well, I can paint it for you.

I’ve grown up painting. My dad is a painter. I can paint. I’ve had people ask me if I would paint for them and most of the time I have said “no”. However, I think with all of these home improvement shows, plus owning my own house, has really got me into the painting bug. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when it comes to interior house painting.

So I bought for my side painting business. Now I can DJ, Web Design and House Paint as well as all of the other things that I do.

brush and barrel

Here is the logo and stuff I made from scratch. I’m quite proud of it because I can’t draw to save my life so using shapes I just pieced this together. Take that BIG! You Photoshop Guru! GRRRRR!

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