Pete’s Deuling Piano Bar

My voice is gone from yelling at Pete’s Piano Bar, but I didn’t think I yelled that much. I went to Pete’s for the first time in Austin, TX. I didn’t like it. Lots of crude sex jokes were mixed in with the music and while I can enjoy the occasional potty humor, I like my comedy genuinely clever and funny, using sex is the least intelligent comedic route.

When I was dating Cat we went to Pete’s in Ft. Worth for New Year’s. The cover charge was 50 bucks per person. She paid. I tried to have a good time, but Pete’s is all about singing along with the music and I don’t know a lot of Billy Joel or John Keuger Mellankamp. Growing up we were only allowed to listen to Christian music and so many of the songs sung are lost on me.

I am not sure why Cat would want to go to Pete’s because she was always pretty shy and places like Pete’s are all about showing out, singing loud and getting wild. I’m not a party pooper, on the contrary, I’m normally the one that is ready to set the party off, but I just can’t get excited about some guys playing piano for tips and singing bits and pieces of songs. Some of it is really good, other parts are just okay, but for the most part I would prefer just hanging in the backyard with my closest friends and listening to music and talking. To me that is more fun than Pete’s.

I went to Pete’s for a birthday celebration. There were 26 people in our party and my sisters were two of them. I really only went for them, but I really felt out of place. I especially don’t like crude sexual humor when my sisters are in the room, it’s extra awkward, like having my mom in the room.

I think part of my dislike of Pete’s also comes from the fact that with two people on deuling piano’s I can’t be the center of attention. I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

All in all, I had a great 4th. How bout you?

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