My Awesome Garage


This is a view of the newly cleaned and organized garage. Andrew and I pulled our cars in last night and we were both delighted by how much room we had. He has a Lexus 300 and I have a Honda Pilot so neither one of them are compact, but they fit nicely.


This is a close-up of my Rubbermaid shelving system. Please notice that I have two ladders hanging up, as well as my weed eater. I’m lovin’ it!


This side of the garage has a door which limits some of my shelving abilities. I also had to put the shelves really high so Andrew doesn’t bonk his head when he walks under them. I’m happy he isn’t taller than 6 foot or else he would have had to duck.

I purposely painted the bottom half of the garage a darker color. First of all it was because I had an extra gallon of that color. (It is called Village Square by Behr. The top is Hazelnut Creme – also by Behr. ) The second reason I wanted the bottom darker was for dirt and scratches. Over time the lower half of your garage gets banged up by bikes and tools and general wear and tear, with the darker color on the bottom, the eye is drawn updward. If I continue to add artistic decor to the garage I want to make sure it is airy and whimsical. When I come home I want the garage to seem inviting and welcoming, not dark and claustrophobic. I’d like to do something to the floors of the garage as well. You may notice that rug on the floor, it is an old rug that had some stains and so I thought I would just put it in the floor to see what I thought of having the garage carpeted. I’d like to have something in their from – that would be awesome.

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