Melding real work with design…

My job isn’t creative, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t push the creative envelope every time I get a chance. People see my slides and think they like them, but they either don’t know that I created them from scratch, or they think I put too much time and effort into creating something nice. I really don’t care what they think, I like my work to look cool and fun – even if I have to work after hours to make it look that way.

 Trees - Structure - Growth

This could have been done in a simple org chart structure – as a matter of fact – it was. Boring red and gray and plain text were used and while it looked very standard and corporate, it lacked any real eye-catching appeal or pop. I’ve updated the design and this is stage 2 of the look, the final product is still in PowerPoint. I may upload it later as it has some neat design features that I really like.

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