People, When it comes to busy I win…

Last weekend I was in Denton for some Ultimate at 9 a.m. I had lunch with Cody and Dumas at Fuzzy Taco’s in Denton and then I went with my parents and about 20 relatives to Celebrate Freedom. It was literally hotter than a firecracker, I know because once I was burned by a sparkler and it was hotter than that on Saturday. I looked like an overcooked roasted marshmallow when we left.

Saturday night I got home and went to the movies with my roommate Andrew, his boss, and his friend Todd. We watched The Incredible Hulk and worked up quite an appetite – for Destruction! His boss had a BMW 7 series and we loaded up in it and went to the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner and then came home and got in bed around 12:30.

Sunday I had to take the GRE and so I got up around 8 and started studying. I studied and studied but for what? I just kept running out of time! Ugh. After that test I decided to go home and make a big dinner for Andrew and I. I was just in the mood for some beer-brined pork chops, mashed potatoes, fried okra and broccoli. I topped it off with some sweet peach iced tea. It was a big finale dinner before starting my 60 days of calorie watching.

Monday night was shopping for garage organization stuff. I made the mistake of going to Lowe’s and killing some valuable time. They do not have Rubbermaid shelving and so my coupon was pretty useless.

Tuesday was Hancock with Tanaya, a work friend. She and I had a blast and laughed our butts off throughout the movie. A surprisingly large amount of cussing, but still quite enjoyable with a surprise ending. Very smartly written movie.

Wednesday night was Ultimate Frisbee league and I so wish that my team would stop thinking they are better than they actually are. We also have too many coaches and not enough players. I constantly see 3 people getting the disk most of the time and it just gets old. It doesn’t help that most of the team has played together before, but in the end Frisbee is like Pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.

Today I got up early and studied for my final exam tonight. Then it was time to mow the lawn, weed eat, re-paint the garage, clean the brushes, take a shower, and now I am about to do some more studying. After my test tonight I’ll be heading to Denton to Cribby’s house where Cody and Amy are staying. I’ll veg out there and get ready for the 4th.

So yeah, if you are busier than that… please let me know so I can tell you all of the stuff I left out. 🙂

Happy 4th Everyone! Be Safe!

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