I’ve got a new crush…

My Chiropractor has a sister that is his receptionist. She’s obviously American born, but of Asian descent. She’s really pretty and very sweet. I’ve got my eye on her, which is hard to do when you are laying horizontal on one of those back machines.

I imagine us having a conversation that goes like this:

“Yo girl, what’s your sitch?”


“Yeah, doll, your situation. You married, got baggage, totin’ around someone else’s love child, single and lookin for awesomeness that will blow your mind?”

“Um, I’m going to have to ask you to leave now.”

“Whoa, slow down babycakes, you know you are diggin’ my chili, and you are the fritos that I need-os.”

“Okay, that was lame, but I am kind of hungry.”

“Then let’s bounce this lockdown and get you some grub…”

“Let me grab my mace and I’ll be right there.”


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