Green Lunch Wednesday’s!

I started this club at work called “Green Lunch Wednesday’s”.

The rules:

  • Bring your lunch from home
  • Show up before 12:10
  • Bring something green and healthy

The idea is to save money, time, eat healthier and to network with co-workers. Right now I hate bringing my lunch because for me, lunch is a time to get away from the office and take a break. But, it costs a lot of money to eat out and eating at home is fun, but I’m always tempted to stay and watch one more episode of Color Splash.

Other lifestyle changes: I’m riding my bike to and from Ultimate Frisbee in Allen. I’m taking fruit (Apples) with me during meetings to keep me awake and to get in that extra nutrition, and I’m riding my bike to and from the grocery store.

I’ve also got a green lunch bag and I’m using my Williams Sonoma kitchen towels (a gift from the Lashmets) as napkins to reduce waste.

So join with me and start bringing your lunch on Wednesdays! Green it up people!

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