Rubbermaid: These Shelves Are BLOWING MY MIND!

I need shelves for the garage and Rubbermaid has some Kick A shelving systems. See Figure A Below:

Doesn’t that just make your mouth water? Don’t you almost just spasm with pleasure when you look at all that stuff just hanging on the wall ready to be plucked and used? Did you take it all in?

So I bought 2 shelving units that are 48 inches long, two rods that hold them in place on the wall and 4 thngs that stick out that you put the wire shelves on. Add to that one of those black rails that you can hook things on and I’ve spent 70+ bucks. In total I think it will be about $300 dollars to organize my garage, but when I am done, I may want to just move out there!

All of this organization has made me want to organize my closets. I have two, a his and a hers, but hers is full of winter clothes right now.

Then what about the laundry room? It would need to be done as well. Check it:

And if all of that has you chomping at the bit, then here is the link so you can check out some more storage solutions.


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