GT’s to the Power of 10

Last night I went to my friend Linda’s house-warming party. It was off the chain. At 2:30 a.m. I finally left, but I could have stayed all night. Her next door neighbors are super fun and we just talked and laughed for hours. Linda’s new house is in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas which is one of those neighborhoods that have been around for years with huge trees and wonderful backyards. People are social and they care about their homes and their neighborhood. I loved it.

Today I woked up around 11:00 and all day I’ve been on this sort of “high” from that party. It was such an enjoyable experience. I really like being around fun people, but Casey and Meagan were so much fun that I wished that they would just let me move in with them so we could hang out forever. Everything was so light and carefree and the conversation was non-stop laughs. Linda was busy entertaining guests, but finally everyone left and it was just the four of us in the backyard having a great time.

Now I am really on fire to build a nice deck and outdoor patio area at my house so I can try to recreate this experience. The only problem is that I am afraid that my neighbors aren’t going to be as cool as Meagan and Casey.

Thanks Lulu for one of the best party’s of the year. Last night rocked my face clean off.

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