Last night was the first night of the Ultimate Frisbee league. My team, Low Mileage, has age ranges of 15 to probably 55. Some people are very familiar with league rules and some of us just showed up to play. I was lost a couple of times when everyone got in this big line in the middle of the field. The level of intensity is about 4 times higher than what I am used to and I sort of got bogged down a little bit by the rules at first. I like my Ultimate Free flowing and simple, but I signed up for the league to get better.

Our team leader is really good. He’s probably late 30’s or early 40’s. His daughter and son are on the team and they are 18 and 15. They were also very good.

One of my new team members pulled me aside and started teaching me how to throw. At first I was a little annoyed that he wanted to teach me, I only made one bad pass during the game and that was my only opportunity to pass and so I didn’t really think I had an opportunity to show what my skill level was. Plus, I have been on Frisbee hiatus because of my broke foot. But, I’m not too arrogant to think that I can’t use some extra teaching and if someone is willing to take the time to teach me, I’ll humble myself. We started with basic throw, which I think I’m pretty good at, but then we worked on forehand throws which I suck at and before long I was started to get it. I don’t like to work on things that I’m not immediately good at, but this is something I need to improve upon and so I was actually very grateful and appreciative that he took the time to show me how to throw better.

This morning my foot hurts, but no more than it did before Ultimate. What really hurts is my right glute and right hamstring. They are mondo sore today. My heels spurs are actually hurting too, so much so that I can barely walk this morning. Before this foot injury they were like 75% better, now I feel like I have regressed so much in just six weeks.

Now I’ve got my Ultimate on Saturdays and my Wednesday night ultimate and hopefully we can get a practice game or a pickup game on Sunday afternoons or Monday nights. I am going to see what I can do to make that happen.

I’m very excited about this new level of play. About being further challenged to make myself better. My new team has a lot of cool people on it and I think it is going to be a great experience.

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