Tweets for 2008-06-05

  • Just watched the Red Wings beat the Penguins at BWW. Went with a close friend that I don’t get to hang with often and had a great time. #
  • “Who has all these pots in the fire?” “those are mine, watch out, coming through HOT POT!” #
  • Honing my writing craft and realizing I have a lot to hone. #
  • Today I have the plumber coming at 9. A work picnic to setup at 10:30. Then it’s meetings and grad school tonight. #
  • At Starbucks and someone etched Gang signs in the toilet seat. That’s so Gangsta and no I have an LA Kings imprint on my ass. #
  • Got to put on some shorts before class, it is so hot and windy today! #
  • I hate it when I am doing something funny and a group of people laugh near me, but not at what I am doing and I think they are laughng at me #

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