Obama. Hillary. McCain.

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I’m conservative and I try to base my decisions on which candidate has the best moral fiber. I was not impressed with Bill Clinton’s behavior while he was in the White House and I think it is a sad state of our country where we give a wink wink and a nudge nudge to a man who commits adultery. I think it’s accepted because we have come to a place where sin, no matter how heinous, is tolerated. Virtue and morality have become antiquated and old fashioned. Having faith in something outside of yourself is considered weakness and if you decide to take a stand for something other than the greening up of our environment or world peace then be prepared to be a martyr for your cause. The stones will come out.

I read a Koontz book where a billionaire gave all of his money to a church and people said he must have gone insane. Koontz made a point of how if he had been addicted to drugs and hookers, if he had been an alcholic or a sex addict but admitted that he was such, that the country would have applauded him and made him a hero. Everyone loves a tragedy. Everyone loves a comeback. I think we love the adulterer, the alcoholic, the addict, because we can identifiy with them. I’m guilty too.

I’m not sure who I’ll vote for this year. I have to admit that I’d like to see Obama become president for the mere fact that it will be a triumph over racism. It is a huge sign of progress as the thought of an African American president just 8 years ago seemed about as likely as a woman president – ludicrous. 

Martin Luther’s Dream is closer to becoming a reality. Hilary had a good run, but I don’t think it was that America wasn’t ready for a woman president, I think it was that Hilary was just up against some stiff competition and maybe there was a negative residue that still lingered from her husband’s indiscretions.

It should be a good fight between McCain and Obama. I don’t really see that Obama has much experience in politics, but who is really qualified to be POTUS? How can anyone expect to change a country in just 4 years?  Now days a highly qualified person doesn’t just have to be a good public speaker, you also have to be rich. You can’t run for president unless you are loaded or you have a lot of rich supporters.

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