Um, So My Foot Is Broke?

I had another foot doctor appointment today. Weee! I love when she pushes on the bones in my foot, I love pain. Actually, I had a large bowl of Cinnamon Sugar Pain for breakfast.¬†Perhaps I’ll¬†have a knuckle sandwich for dinner.

The x-ray showed that my foot was broken, or fractured, and there was bone calcium forming around the break. Perhaps that is why it didn’t show up as a break the first time? I don’t know. What I do know is that bones take 6-8 weeks to heal. I’ve been out of frisbee now for 5 weeks. I can’t handle 6-8 weeks without Frisbee. I’ll be playing this weekend, even if I have to amputate my leg and shove a stick in the stump of my calf.

On the plus side, the torn ligaments have healed. Anyone know of a way to make bones heal faster? Madame Pomphrey could do it, but this is the real world, not the World of Hogwarts, witches, or wizardry.

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