A Second Youth Pastor Option…

I haven’t heard back from Johnny from Cornerstone Baptist. I wonder if he has a Blackberry? If not, when I finally land a position there I will require all of the staff to get Blackberries so they can respond immediately to all of my emails. I love immediate gratification, it’s so American of me.

Also, today I sent an email to Fellowship for this position:

Sr. High Ministry Graded Pastor

This is a FC Student Ministry leadership position responsible for leading a specific grade within the high school ministry. Must possess an ability to teach/preach and have a vibrant passion for reaching students to become fully devoted followers of Christ. The most desirable candidate must be able to demonstrate proven leadership skills, including the development of current and future student leaders. The spiritual gifts of leadership, team building, creative communication, and project management/organization will be most valuable in this role.

I read this description and it called out to me. An individual grade level all to myself? I mean, any grade would be cool and how fun to be able to focus on just that year! I could totally stiff-arm the other students and be like, “What grade are you in? Yeah, your pastor is over there, Mr. Smith, I’m with the freshmen!” Just Kidding. I just liked the way this role sounded. It called out to me despite the fact that it is in Grapevine. Fellowship Church also recently opened up a Camp in Austin, Texas I believe and I think it would be cool to work there even if it was just for a short period of time.

We’ll see what happens. Life is too short not to take a few risks!

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