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Bike. Stay Home. Save Gas

Since gas is nearly 4 dollars a gallon I’ve really started to think twice before I make commitments.  A trip to Waco is now 80 dollars in gas where it used to be only 40. A round trip to Denton to play Ultimate Frisbee now costs me 15 bucks, 4 trips to Denton a month and that is 60 dollars for Ultimate Frisbee, almost the same amount as my water bill. Ultimate is worth it though, I will go without food before I go without Ultimate.

Thankfully I live only 2 miles away from the office and so I don’t really have a large gas bill. I don’t really go much now either, I stay home, workout, do Yoga, it’s a simple life, but it works. I am wondering though if I start biking to Yoga if that will save me some more money on gas and get in some extra workout. it’s about 14 miles round trip to Yoga and that would actually help me burn a few more calories. Also, I could start biking to the grocery store and the bank as they are very close as well.  Unfortunately, Texas is really hot and so I don’t know if the benefit will be worth the extra sweat, but it might be fun to try. Even if I only incorporate a bike ride to the grocery store on the weekends it would be a nice way to be more environmentally friendly. Over time, I am sure those miles will add up.

Have you been cutting back to save gas?

The funny thing about Gas prices is that they are something that we have been talking about for the last 10 years. I did a video project for a customer and he was the CEO of 7-11 at the time. The constant question was, “How is business with the increasing gas prices?” At the time, gas was less than 2 dollars a gallon and we were complaining then, I wonder why we didn’t have Hybrid vehicles back then? Why didn’t we take huge measures to save?

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