Detox Day 20: I’m So Over It

“Inhale peach, exhale green.” It’s a mantra uttered repeatedly by the antagonist in Dean Koontz’s fascinating book, “Dark Rivers of the Heart”. Today it is my mantra.

Yesterday I broke my diet and I broke it hard. I realized my mistake. Every day that I have wanted to mess up or I did mess up, I didn’t eat breakfast and sometimes I didn’t eat lunch. Mistake.

Yesterday I didn’t eat anything until around 1. I thought I could go to an Indian food buffet and get some of their vegetarian entrees and not be tempted by everything else. How stupid. I started with a plate of vegetable and a tiny bit of this chicken stuff I like. The waiter then brought a basket of Indian flatbread and I thought, I’ll just have a couple bits of one piece. Another plate of food and 4 pieces of flatbread later my diet was out the window.

Later that day I went to Market Street and bought a slice of pizza. I just didn’t care. Like the song, my “give a damn” was busted.

I’m still trying to stay on the diet these last two days. I’ve had a banana for breakfast and I am about to head to Yoga.

On an upnote, my tooth is feeling MUCH better. Thank the Lord Jesus. I would rather him call me home than to put me through that kind of pain. I’m such a baby when it comes to tooth pain. I’ll do Yoga with a hurt foot, play Ultimate Frisbee with the most painful heel spurs, and lift weights with tennis elbow without complaint, but give me a little bit of tooth pain and I turn into a big baby. I think that is part of what I hate about it, I’m ashamed of the fact that I can’t handle the pain.

Anyway, I’m so over this detox, but I am not over eating healthy. I’m not going to start drinking caffeine again on a regular basis or indule in High Fructose Corn Syrup.

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