Detox Day 17: 25 Pounds Lost

This morning I reached a big milestone – 327.2. That is exactly 25 pounds. I’m elated because this has been a rough week for me and I needed something to boost my spirits.

Work has been a beast with a series of projects wrapping up and so we have to write test cases and train people and create training and testing plans. I just want to make pretty PowerPoint presentations and fun graphics for various events happening around the workplace.

it’s also been a hard week because Sunday night my tooth started hurting like a banshee. I’m detoxing so I didn’t want to take any pain meds but by Monday morning I was in so much pain I had to take some Advil. I made an appointment with an Endodontist and they said my root canal failed and I would have to have it retreated. It has an infection and that it might swell up on me and could be very painful.  I’m going at 10:30 to have the procedure done.

Last night I also ended things with Erin. She is really super great, but right now is not a good time for me to be dating. Or maybe I only feel that way because if it is right would I make room for it no matter what? I have to ask myself that question. It was very hard on me to end this relationship.  I enjoyed spending time with Erin and last night I suddenly felt very alone sitting on the couch watching American Idol. We spent some time on the couch discussing our relationship and it was a nice good talk. It was probably one of the hardest breakups even though we had only been dating for a short while.

On a more positive note, my foot is healing nicely and I hope to be back playing Ultimate Frisbee soon. Josh and I signed up to play in an Ultimate Frisbee league which starts in June. It will be cool to play with people who are really good so I can continue to improve my game.

Back to detox talk…

Yesterday I had grapes for breakfast, a bowl of steamed broccoli for lunch and then baked cod, green beans and squash for dinner. i kept the portions small because I really want to lose at least 30 pounds total before this detox is over, but hopefully more. If I can get down to 320 I would be elated. That’s only 7.2 poounds! Woohoo!

I’m hoping that this Advil and Amoxycillin that I am taking doesn’t affect my weight loss too much. It didn’t seem to affect it yesterday and so that is a positive. I’m going to be dangerously good today. I’m down to the last 5 days and I am really excited and actually a little bummed that this is about to be over. It’s been really good for me.

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