Focus Eddie. Focus.

I recently had to disconnect my internet at my house. I stopped my monthly massages at Massage Envy. I’ve frozen my whole life insurance policy. I’ve stopped some of my giving. I’m planning on having 2 roommates that will generate an extra income of $700 a month. I’m looking at installing insulation in my attic myself and possibly going through the entire house installing flourescent lights wherever possible.

I make very good money, but I spend it so fast it is like I never really have control of my finances. Like my weight it often spirals out of control and I’m stuck on a budget diet. So, I’ve decided to stop everything possible until I get an emergency fund socked away and I get this 11,000 dollar student loan paid off. I’ve also got a high interest rate on my car and I need to work on getting that refinanced.

So while I am wrapping up with this detox I am also detoxing my finances. I’ve got to get this under control as well.

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