Detox Day 15

I’m on my final week. I can’t believe it. For those of you reading this website it has probably gone by really fast, but for me it really has seemed like an eternity. Hours stretched out into days and days seemed like months sometimes as I denied myself everything that I have known for the past 32 years.

Yesterday was a bad day filled with tiny cheats here and there. Ugh. The Tiny Cheat! It started with a little milk in my breakfast smoothie, not much, but enough to make the whirl go round and of course I added some coconut. I went to lunch with Erin and her family and there was nothing on the menu really for me to eat and so I opted for a small bowl of borracho beans and bowl of corn and jalapeno soup. The soup was good, but it appeared to have some sort of cream base. I ate 1/3 of it, maybe a little more and then pushed it away. I went home and made another smoothie with another splash of milk.

Later I was still hungry and so I went to Market Street and I found these spring rolls in the sushi department filled with shrimp, carrots, lettuce, avacado and crab all wrapped in a tapioca paper wrapping. It appeared to be mostly vegetable and a small amount of meat and I just gave in. To make matters worse, they came with a spicy asian sauce that was tangy and sweet and I ate some of it as well. When I finished I looked at the wrapper and read what was in the imitation crab and all of it sounded like processed crap that I should not have been eating on a detox.

So this morning I got up and weighed, not suprisingly, 330.4 and so I put 1.4 pounds back on. Time to buckle down this last week.

I’m also trying to decide on what I am going to do once I get off this detox. I can’t afford to go back to my old eating habits. Putting just 1.4 pounds back on is devastating. I hope that by next Monday my foot is feeling better to where I can run and workout and play racquetball and Frisbee again. Today I will have to really bust it in order to lose 2.4 pounds. So I plan to do Yoga tonight and really watch what I eat today.

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