Thanks Becky, I’m sure that will cure cancer…

Recently Heather Armstrong of mentioned that her Stepfather has cancer. I read a comment from a girl named Becky that said this:

“I’m not the type to pray, but I will think positive thoughts and send those thoughts your way.
Hang in there Heather. Remember, you are SUPER strong and you will get through this.”

I think it’s nice and all that Becky is going to think positive thoughts and send them my way, but I’d rather her not even bother. When it comes to life and death situations, I think I’ll at least put my faith in something that has been proven to work a time or two. I just don’t understand people who are so “sure” about what they believe, but they are too busy to actually do any real searching for the truth.  It’s like they would rather just believe that whatever they beleive is good enough, that they, in their imminent human wisdom, can understand the cosmos and the vastness of the universe. They can explain it’s mysteries. They can shrug off intelligent design and in some cases believe in a purely fictional religion where the creator used to be a fiction novel writer. I feel like I am taking frickin’ crazy pills.


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