Detox Day 13: For My Friends and Family

This reason should have been much earlier, but I’m shallow so it took 13 days for me to think up this reason. I definitely want to stay healthy for my parents, my sisters and of course my friends. Being healthy and positive is beneficial for everyone you are around. Who doesn’t like to be around someone that is in great physical shape? They just seem more alive.

I’m actually starting to enjoy various aspects of this diet. Eating baby carrots for breakfast isn’t so bad and an occasional bowl of strawberries or pineapple is actually quite satisfying. I’ve learned to enjoy vegetable again and I know that eating a salad with a little extra regular dressing will be like a gourmet salad since I’ve been eating my salads with oil and balsamic vinegar.

Last night was my biggest meal on this diet and probably my biggest cheat. Erin and I double-dated with Cody and Amy Miller last night and we went to Posados. It is this great Mexican food restaurant and I had baked tilapia, refried beans and mixed vegetables. I think it was layered in butter and the beans were probably filled with salt and who knows what else. Needless to say I got up this morning and I had not lost any weight. But I didn’t gain any either so I was happy about that.

Current Weight: 331.2 (21 total pounds lost)
Breakfast: Pineapple
Lunch: Decaf tall coffee from Starbucks – was not all that good.
Dinner: Tilapia, refried beans, mixed vegetables, lots of guacamole

As far as feeling good, this diet has made me feel the best of any diet I’ve ever been on. Two weeks into this and I’m fine. I’m not lethargic, I don’t have headaches, and I rarely get uncontrollable cravings. Sure, I’m hungry sometimes and I miss food, but i don’t want ice cream or donuts or something sweet and filled with High Fructose Corn Syrup on a daily basis. I miss most food mostly because of it’s convenience.

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