Detox Day 11: For My Joints

Playing sports at 350 is hard on the body and so is lifting weights and last night while lifting weights I noticed that my tendonities in my left elbow was almost gone. I have never mentioned this pain on my website because like many of my injuries I like to apply the “Power of Positive Thinking”. If that crap really worked then I would have a full head of hair and a six pack of abs. I am a VERY positive thinker, but even I know that you just can’t think about things all day, you have to actually do something.

No one really seems to be that thrilled about what I am eating, so I won’t update that anymore, however, I will say that I have lost 19.4 pounds and I am down to 332.8 – in just 10 days people.

Also, this post was delayed because my PC crashed. I had everything backed up except the last 10 purchases I made from iTunes. It sucks that iTunes won’t let you download everything that you’ve already purchased when crap like this happens.

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