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That’s Just My Baby Mama…

Erin and I went with Roger and Jes last night to PF Changs and then to see Baby Mama. I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed spending time with Roger and Jes more. They recently bought a house and they’ve been confined to a strict budget and working every spare minute on their remodeling project. I’ve been very impressed with them, but even more I’m really excited that they live so close by and now we can just do stuff during the middle of the week spontaneously and how cool is that?

I’ve noticed that as i get older I really MUST have a routine. Who would have ever thought it? But it’s true. I plan things way out in advance, I schedule and I mentally prepare and then when it comes time to do things I do them well. However, spontaneous stuff with the right people can be fun and non-stressful and that is what makes it so great to be close to R&J.

Baby Mama was pretty funny and Erin and I were cackling loudly at different times. I’m actually quite aware of the fact that both of us are loud laughers. This could be a dangerous combo. But if we do end up getting married and she laughs real loud and someone says, “Who dat is?” I’ll respond with, “That’s Just My Baby Mama, Thas jus my baby Mama…”

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